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Supplies and Services for Pool Owners

New - Order Your Pool Supplies On-line!

From chemicals to parts and accessories, we now provide you an easy, on-line way to directly order all supplies you need for your pool maintenance. Simply click on the link below, and you will be taken to an order form. You will then be guided to provide your personal data, select the items that you want, and then submit your order. We will process your order and ship it to you as quickly as we can.

  Please click here for the on-line pool supplies order form

Pool Services

In addition to constructing new pools, we are also a pool service company. Whether you have a brand new Baldwin Pool or are an existing pool owner, we provide a number of services, as listed below, to help you manage the maintenance of your pool through the seasons. You can always count on us.

Pool School

This service comes free with your new Baldwin Pool. As a new pool owner, you no doubt have questions about the regular use and maintenance of electronic and hydraulic equipment that operate your pool, as well as about how to ensure that you will have years of trouble-free fun and recreation. We take you through all the essentials in a way that is easy to understand!

Pool Closing

By pool closing, we mean the winterization process that your pool needs to undergo at the end of the warm season. It is important to make sure that your pool goes into hibernation properly so that when you re-open with us in the spring you will have an enjoyable swimming season. Proper winterization also ensures that your pool encurs no damage during the cold months that would effect the pool's long-term ability to function properly.

Pool Opening

By pool opening, we mean bringing your pool out of its state of hibernation. As with all the other services, we will make a efficient, personal visit to your pool, and in this case, awaken your oasis properly and make your that you have the sparkling water you desire for your pool season.