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Photo Tour:  Gunite Pool Construction

When you buy a Baldwin Pool, that means we're going to be coming into your yard and doing some serious rearranging. So, we thought we'd offer some comfort and knowledge by taking you step-by-step through the construction process.


Once you have decided you want a Baldwin Pool and you have carefully decided on the design, and all the bell and whistles, the first step is to acquire the necessary county permits for construction. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about the admin stuff--we take care of that.

The permit process takes about a week. After that, we're ready to roll up our sleeves, and get started. Barring weather complications, you'll be swimming in about six to eight weeks.


The first thing we'll do is dig a big hole:


Next, we pour the pool shell, made a of a substance called gunite. Things are starting to look messy--but don't worry, your oasis is taking shape.

Tile & Coping/Concrete Decking

With the tile & coping and decking stage, you will start to see some color. And other bells and whistles, like spas and waterfalls, begin to appear.


But when you see the plaster, you start to get that Carribean feeling, and you start to get thirsty for your first swim.

Landscaping, Finishing Touches--Party Time!

Time to stop talking and get wet.