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Choosing the Right Swimming Pool for You

As we said, we make buying a pool a lot of fun. We will begin by paying you a personal visit, measuring the precise location in your yard where you want your pool, mapping out a clear understanding of all the options, and giving you a vision of exactly what you want.

Pool Shape Templates

Once we help you determine the optimal place in your yard for your pool, your first decision will be the size and shape of your pool. We have scores of pool templates to work with, from the simple, rectangular Roman to the curvy Mountain Lake. If it's in your Geometry book, we can do it

Spas/Hot Tubs

A spa is normally placed adjacent to your pool and a little bit raised--and of course heated for year-round enjoyment. It's a great place to raise a tall cool one with friends.

Cozy Corners/Kiddie Pools

A cozy corner (pictured below) is fun place to commiserate on the side of your pool. A kiddie pool is a shallow area, actually connected to the main part of the pool, where your little ones can enjoy the water safely.


This isn't the sort of waterfall that you're going to want to practice you rafting skills with, but you will certainly smile whenever you see it.

Waterslides/Diving Boards

No explanation needed here--they say that diving boards go back to the days of the caveman.


You pools comes with a white Marblite plaster, and many varieties of quartz plaster are offered as an upgrade. Ah, the azure color of the Caribbean !


By decking, we mean the concrete border around your pool. All Baldwin Pools come with a standard Broom finish, and Stone Mark and Exposed Aggregate finish are offered as upgrades

Retaining Walls/Raised Bond Beams

The location of your pool may require retaining walls on a side of the pool that has slope. Raised bond beams can be used to compliment a retaining wall, or have an ornamental value of it own. The photo below shows both.

Pool Heating/Electronic Options

Adding a heater to your main pool easily will add two more months to your pool season. Also, keep in mind that we also offer many automated controls, like the Jandy Aqualink, which gives you one-touch mastery of all your pool features.